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本教程是由Lynda机构出品的FCPX与PR色彩校正艺术视频教程,Lynda.com The Art of Color Correction Color Grading for Locations and Times of Day,时长:2小时06分,大小:1.51 GB,格式:MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro CS6, Magic Bullet Suite,作者:Simon Walker,官方发布时间:2013年7月3日,语言:英语。

The Art of Color Correction Color Grading for Locations and Times of Day
Color is a powerful signal in video; it can subtly project emotion, mood, time of day, and location. Learn to manipulate these visual elements in a variety of shots, from interior spaces to outside landscapes, with color grading. Filmmaker, colorist, and experienced editor Simon Walker shows how to simulate a light source and different types of light, and choose an evocative color for your footage to tell the story of a particular location. Plus, learn techniques to change the time of day, the type of room, and the overall mood of a location.

Simon works with Adobe Premiere Pro and the Magic Bullet Colorista II and Looks plugins, but these lessons can be applied to any color correction workflow.

Topics include:
* How our eyes see color
* What colors tell the audience
* Making sure color is consistent
* Applying adjustments in the correct order
* Understanding how warm and cool colors frame emotion differently
* Isolating and adjusting skies
* Changing the time of day with color
* Designing interiors like an office, a hospital, or an interrogation room
* Creating fake depth of field


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