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教程中文名称:Cinema 4d R16高效工作技巧视频教程
教程英文名称:3d Fluff Cinema 4d R16 High Speed
教程格式:MP4 附工程源文件
教程使用软件:Cinema 4d R16

3d Fluff Cinema 4d R16 High Speed
Sat around waiting for the render to finish? Impatiently plodding through your project as the screen slowly updates? You’re in the right place.
Starting off with the real-time OpenGL editor we walk you through everything you didn’t know. How to adjust your OpenGL settings to boost the frame rate, how to manage large bulky projects which bring your system to its knees and most importantly, how to get everything running more smoothly again.
Did you know for example one of the worst offenders is how many times a UVW map references the same part of a material? Probably not, but don’t worry, we’ll show you why this is a problem and how to sort it out
Then of course there is the dreaded rendering. If you are ever going to get stressed whilst working with a 3D package, it will be the rendering that does it. Will you hit your deadline? will it look good enough when the render finishes?
We walk you through how to control your Anti-aliasing, make use of the physical render engine to speed things up and throw in a bunch of extra tips to get you through. Importantly we also spend a good bit of time dealing with global illumination; how to get it rendering quickly, how to make it fast and stable for animations and how to deal with Team Render issues when they arise.
All information is compatible with every version of Cinema 4D from R11.5 upwards with the exception of Global Illumination, these chapters require at least R15. 3 hours of video in total. Learn something new in 30 minutes or your next pizza is free!

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